Deep Learning and Computer Vision


Creating A Credit Card OCR Application Part 2

With the second portion of the credit card ocr application, I wanted to focus on sprucing up the GUI and making the whole application more presentable. Most of my past developer experience has been related to back end and deep learning work, so I wanted to get better at front end and making applications more […]

Creating a Friends Script Generator with Deep Learning

Although I have worked with convolution neural networks in the past, I wanted to expand my experience in deep learning. My first project idea was to create a script generator using a simple sequential neural network. While there is a lot of calculus and linear algebra involved in deep learning, I wont add a bunch […]

Create a Weather Texting Python Script

For this blog post, it will be a little different, as this just consists of a 49 line python script. I wanted to create a simple script that would text me the weather in my area each morning when I woke up. Although I normally create projects in C#, I choose to do this in […]

Creating A Credit Card OCR Application Part 1

Throughout the computer vision and technology communities, credit card optical character recognition and detection has become a growing trend for those who want to creating a starting program to get their feet wet in computer vision and OCR. Although we wont be creating an corporate grade OCR detection software today, we will be creating an […]

Image Stitching in EmguCV

Since the first camera was invented, humans have taken millions and millions of photos. With all these images floating around, some people have wanted to create a way to combine their photos of relevant objects into one long and big image, better known as a panorama. Although there are multiple ways to achieve this, for […]


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