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Creating A Credit Card OCR Application Part 1

Throughout the computer vision and technology communities, credit card optical character recognition and detection has become a growing trend for those who want to creating a starting program to get their feet wet in computer vision and OCR. Although we wont be creating an corporate grade OCR detection software today, we will be creating an […]

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Image Stitching in EmguCV

Since the first camera was invented, humans have taken millions and millions of photos. With all these images floating around, some people have wanted to create a way to combine their photos of relevant objects into one long and big image, better known as a panorama. Although there are multiple ways to achieve this, for […]

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Intro To EmguCV

Although Python’s OpenCV library is an extensive library with numerous functions and methods that allow the user to accomplish virtually anything, the library does have its limitations. Originally released in C++, OpenCV has drastically changed over time, with supported languages growing to Python and Java. Over time, due to its increasing popularity, OpenCV has had […]

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